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Goodbye ESTec VINA

Co le Tuan noi dung, we meet only for apart, ngoai tru gia dinh chung ta...

Rat nhieu tinh cam danh cho nhung ban be than thiet o ESTec...Chung ta lam viec vat va nhung mot vai trong chung ta la nhung nguoi co trach nhiem va chan thanh...

Yeu men cac ban, cac anh chi va cac em...

From: Pham Anh Tuan
Sent: 2008-08-04 (월) 오후 6:54
To: Diep Ai Van
Subject: RE: Leaving my Job

Dear Ms Van,I would like give you some pictures of your activities in ESTec VINA. People said that " we meet each other and say good bye together, except our family"Hope that we will spend our time to meet/ contact each other for another business.Thanks for your supports during last time. Allways beautiful and happy!

From: Diep Ai Van
Sent: 8/1/2008 (금) 5:38 오후
To: Tran Duong Hong Ngoc; Le Van Chinh; Doan Thi Lien; Nguyen Phu Thanh; Nguyen Viet Hao; Le Thanh Tung; Dao Thi Bich Hue; Dong An Thuan; 김윤근; 노광석; 박창식; 서성일; 이동혁; 진남주; 하병욱; 이왕건; 이명재; 김경우; 홍석기; 손보라; 김종선; 이승찬; 김재영; 이수지; 박성식; 신운석; 오세현; 윤혁준; Nguyen Van Hoang Cuong; Pham Thi Phuoc An; Banh Thi My Ngoc; Nguyen Huu Quynh Hieu; Nguyen Thi Diem Khanh; Phan Bao Ngoc; Tran Van Ngoc; Cao Minh Tri; Nguyen Hien Triet; Ha Hoang Thuong; Ha Cong Thuong; Ho Cong Minh Nhan; Mai Thi Thanh Binh; Le Thi Nguyet Anh; Nguyen Giang Diem Chau; phap@sony.com.vn; nhut@sony.com.vn; minhnhat@sony.com.vn; vanviettuan@sony.com.vn; thuy-tranlediem@toshiba.com.vn; dung-taquang@toshiba.com.vn; truc-phiich@toshiba.com.vn; takararu-oka@toshiba.com.vn; thai@jvc.com.vn; thonguyenkhanh@lge.com; phil@phasedesign.net; _Sales Control; _Production Control; noda.estec@nifty.com; Toyohara.estec@nifty.com; Higashi.estec@nifty.com; cha.estec@nifty.com; miyaji.estec@nifty.com; shgoy@estecsp.com.my; tehung@estecsp.com.my; wendy@estecsp.com.my; juleslim@estecsp.com.my; Dang Nguyen Thuy Linh; Huynh Giang Sang; Luu Thuy Thanh Phuong; Nguyen Minh Luan; Nguyen Quoc Tiep; Nguyen Thi Diem Thoa; Nguyen Thi Kim Phuong; Tran Diec An; Tran Minh Thanh; Vu Ngoc Bao; _ManagersVTN; phungcanh@lge.com; khnh.nguyen-van@daimler.com; bkkhavn@pmail.vnn.vn
Subject: Leaving my Job

Dear valued customers,
Dear my colleagues,

I would like to take a moment to let you know that I am leaving my job at ESTec Vina for my private plan on 5th of August.

I have enjoyed my working time here and I appreciate having had opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your support, guidance, encouragement and fun you have provised me during my time at ESTec Vina. Even though I will miss all of you very much.

I would like to express my special thanks to:

-Very great partners in JVC; LG Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Brazil; Panasonic; Toshiba; Sony; mr Phil Bunch in Phasedesign.

-ESTec sales offices ESTA, ESTJ, ESTM, ESTK

-My former bossed Mr Jin NJ, Mr Kim KW, Mr Kim JY, and my current boss Mr Lee WG.

-The departments of Production control, Im-Expor; R&D,QA,OQC,Purchasing,Accounting,Warehouse, ERP, IT…

-My very nice staffs The, Tuyen, Nguyen, and former sales control member Bich Van. I could not work well without your hard effort and your strong responsibility.

I also would like to take this chance to inform that, from 05th of August, mr Jin Nam Joo manages both Production control and Sales control, ms Binh will be supporting our department, and ms Nguyet Anh will be handling my jobs. Please contact them if you need any questions or assistance to their e-mail address hereuder. I know well that you will give them your very great co-operation and support them as well as you have done for me.

Mr Jin NJ: njjin@estecvina.com

Ms Nguyet Anh: nguyetanh@estecvina.com (She can speak English and Japanese)

Ms Binh: binh@estecvina.com (She can speak Korean very well and English)

Please keep in touch. I can be reached at my personal email address diepaivan@yahoo.com.

Thank you again for everything.

Yours truly,

Ai Van

TB: Qui vi nao reply thu nay, xin lam on chi reply cho mot minh Ai Van, tranh lam phien nhung nguoi nhan. Xin chan thanh cam on.